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SHAWNEE provides products for women who like marine sports like bodyboarding or surfing. We design, produce and sell products that make women who like marine sports to look more lovely and become happier. Now not just marine sports, we've also developed a new series of “multi-sports" products. We'll also provide sports goods for women who like a large variety of sports like Jogging, trekking, climbing, outdoor golf and yoga.
SISTA.J provides products for women who enjoy snow sports such as snowboarding and skiing.
As a snowboard outwear brand for ladies, “SISTA.J" has 3 series of products, meeting the different kinds of needs of female customers.
Other than excellent function, we also make women look fashionable, our products are not just something you wear, We have an extensive range of designs catering to your different styles.“SISTA.J" is always improving.
More and more women become interested in outdoor activities such as jogging, trekking, climbing, golf, and yoga. We think we should provide multifunctional clothing for people who like multiple kinds of sports.
Also we will also provide products which are convenient for traveling and easy to use. Considering customers have more luggage to carry during travel, NEW CREATION CO.,LTD. will design, produce and sell a series of clothing which is cute and easy to carry, it can also help you to adapt to different kinds of weather conditions.
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